Thursday, February 7, 2013

Blue Ocean HR Forum members learn the use of the MBTI tool

New Psychometric Test to Help HR Managers Evaluate Employee Behaviour in the Middle East


Blue Ocean HR Forum members learn the use of the MBTI tool


Dubai : For Human Resource professionals keen to spot the difference between “spontaneous” and “learned” behaviour among individual employees, Blue Ocean HR Forum’s free workshop on the “Myer Briggs Type Indicator” – proved to be an eye opener.

 An internationally acclaimed psychometric test based on the work of experts Katharine C. Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers, the MBTI workshop was conducted by UAE-based HR veteran, Sangeet Ibrahim.

The seminar was held at the Park Regis Hotel in Dubai recently and well attended by the members of the Blue Ocean HR Forum who learned the new tool for personality assessment in the context of recruitment.

 The first and only Human Resources Forum in the UAE, the Blue Ocean HR Forum acts as a powerful platform for networking, learning new skills and head-hunting among committed UAE professionals in the country.

 The Blue Ocean HR Forum is headed by Dr. Jassem Ali, Director Dubai Economic Development and has on its 2013 agenda – a series of educative workshops and seminars to raise the bar of HR professionals in the Middle East.

 Speaking on the occasion Mr. Ibrahim explained: “Knowledge doubles itself every two years, so all professionals need to learn something new, pick up a skill, to remain relevant to their position and responsibilities.”

The Myer Briggs Type Indicator is a test that all HR Managers would like to put their employees through at the time of induction to gauge their response to the future challenges within the corporate scenario.

 The essence of the MBTI lies in answering a questionnaire and arriving at certain traits that describes and stereotypes personality. It involves answering simple questions like: “Does your head rule your heart or your heart rule your head.”

 “Knowing your own preferences and learning about others will give you an understanding of your own strengths, the kind of work that you enjoy and be successful in doing,” explained Mr. Ibrahim who works at the Sharjah Islamic Bank.

 “The MBTI is a very powerful HR tool because it shows how people with different preferences can relate to each other and be valuable to society.” It also helps HR professionals to gain insights into an employee’s mindset and choose the right individual  for the right job, Mr. Ibrahim said.

 Blue Ocean, UAE’s leading management training and consultancy organization has blazed a trail of success in the last decade with 40,000 plus alumni, a large bouquet of internationally certified courses, world class faculty and innovative training methods.

Blue Ocean conducts internationally certified training modules for HR professionals in UAE, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. The Certified Human Resources Professional and the Certified Human Resources Manager from the American Certification Institute is a big draw among HR professionals employed in the Middle East.