Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Why continuous learning is essential ?

Blue Ocean Academy

An individual's competitive advantage in the current economic scenario depends on his or her skills, talent, educational attainment and experience. "People often fail to capitalize on opportunities because they do not have the necessary skills or qualification.

Companies can reap tremendous benefits by offering training to their employees, most directly by improving their workers' job-related skills and productivity. But worldwide, these opportunities are increasingly offered to those who already have an advantage. Blue Ocean Academy saw there were an enormous number of people eager to develop their professional skills in order to grow in their careers and hence developed courses that would help them realize their dreams.

It has been proven by research that creating a culture of continuous learning and feedback is essential to an organization's success. Employees of any company or sector face countless challenges on a daily basis that require immediate solution and demand a wide range of skills. However, all too often, trainings are considered off-the-shelf programs that fail to take into account the complexities of an organization or prevailing market conditions.