Saturday, May 19, 2018

Logistics Training in Abu Dhabi

Logistics Training in Abu Dhabi

Logistics  Training in Abu Dhabi can make a real difference to the job prospects and career development options of new and existing professionals. Our accredited Logistics training meets the growing demand for qualified logistics professionals to assist in their future roles within the logistics, procurement, supply chain management.
The Logistics and Supply Chain Management course has been designed to develop your ability to carry out advanced analysis and research in the field of logistics and supply chain management within a global context.

Course Outline:
Introduction to Supply Chain & Logistics
  • Understanding Supply Chain
  • Role in UAE Economy and Evolution
  • Drivers of Supply Chain Performance
  • Supply Chain Strategy, Strategical Supply Chain Models in Middle East
  • Decision Phases across the Supply Chain Links
  • Measuring Supply Chain Performance

Planning Demand, Inventory & Supply
  • Demand Forecasting in Supply Chain
  • Analysing uncertainty in demand and impact of redesign in UAE market
  • Analysing various product’s PLM in UAE to understand the flow of material
  • EOQ and BOQ models for uniform and variable demand with and w/o shortage
  • Managing inventory for short life and cycle products
  • Quantity discount and Probabilistic inventory models

Strategic Sourcing & Procurement
  • Understanding UAE market of suppliers
  • Strategic Sourcing and implementation
  • Make Vs Buy decision making in purchasing
  • Identifying and understanding core processes of procurement
  • Documentation and legal agreements procedures followed in UAE
  • Supplier Selection, Contract Management, and Negotiation
  • Supplier Relationship and Development, world-wide sourcing methods

Supply Chain Network and Logistics
  • Distribution Network Design – Role, Factors influencing options, value addition
  • Models for Facility Location and Capacity allocation
  • Distribution Centre Location Models
  • Logistics Procedures, Conditions and Documentation required in UAE
  • UAE Legal process involved in Logistics
  • Shipment Procedures and Forwarder models explanation

Warehouse Management & Current Trends in GCC
  • Understanding importance of Warehouse Management under various condition
  • An introduction to WMS Systems and Procedures of Warehouse Operation
  • Stock Management and Verification methods like Cycle Counting
  • Obsolete, Surplus, and Scrap-Value Analysis
  • Replenishment Strategies and Models
  • Supply Chain Integration and IT in Supply Chain